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Biography below.


Alden Zac is a versatile bass player and multi-instrumentalist from Portland, Oregon, with roots in punk, hip hop, funk, and classical.

A little bit about me:

Though most of my work these days is in production and teaching, my biggest passion is performing. My various projects have been in original country/punk projects, tributes to Rage Against the Machine and Weezer, a live karaoke band, and plenty of original music -- spanning from surrealist hip/hop funk (The Ambiance) to my solo bass repertoire.


Weaving through genres pushes me creatively and allows me to stay in touch with many different parts of human nature, and the decision to pursue this over the original rock star dream (that is, the dream that first inspired me to play music professionally) opened up my opportunities.

From pursuing music so deeply, I have toured as the opener for Modest Mouse, performed on violin with punk rock legends NOFX, toured with a Talking Heads tribute band, and recorded in Nashville, to state a few. I'm very excited to see where the journey takes me next, and in the meantime, I'm having an absolute blast along the way.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.


January 2020

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